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245 1 0 _aInvestigation of the ignition of wood structural materials (with and without fire retardant treatment) under the influence of a model fire of irregular intensity
_cD. P. Kasymov, M. V. Agafontsev, V. Perminov, P. Matrynov
520 3 _aIn this paper the effect of fire front on the surface of wood samples (plywood and oriented strand board) was considered to estimate the effect of different wood-fire retardants. Infrared thermography was used as a diagnostic method. The ignition probability was estimated for the chosen experimental parameters for each kind of wood The fire hazard characteristics of wood after fire retardant treatment showed a significant reduction in the surface temperature and the resistance to fire for the chosen parameters of the experiment compared to the same untreated samples. The charring depth of the wood samples was determined depending on the type of wood, as well as on the type of the fire retardant used.
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