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Numerical study of the texture effect on deformation-induced surface roughening in titanium polycrystals (Record no. 479070)

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Стандартный номер 10.1016/j.engfailanal.2020.104437
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Заглавие Numerical study of the texture effect on deformation-induced surface roughening in titanium polycrystals
Ответственность V. A. Romanova, R. R. Balokhonov, E. S. Emelianova [et al.]
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Аннотация The influence of a texture on the mesoscale deformation-induced surface roughening in titanium<br/>polycrystals is studied using direct microstructure-based simulations. Relying on the experimental<br/> data for commercial purity titanium, equiaxed grain conglomerates are generated by the<br/> method of step-by-step packing. The grain constitutive behavior is described in terms of crystal<br/> plasticity, with the grain orientations being assigned randomly or representing a basal texture.<br/> The micro- and mesoscale roughness evolution in the model polycrystals under uniaxial tension is<br/> calculated using ABAQUS/Explicit. In order to quantify mesoscale roughening, a dimensionless<br/> roughness parameter is calculated for a set of experimental and numerical roughness profiles<br/> evolving in the course of tension. The mesoscale roughness parameter is shown to grow nonlinearly<br/> with the plastic strain of the evaluated mesoscale regions. Particularly, it begins increasing<br/> rapidly in the region of neck formation well before necking becomes macroscopically<br/> evident. The basal texture is shown to significantly affect the plastic strain localization and<br/> roughness patterns. The mesoscale roughness, strongly pronounced in the untextured polycrystal,<br/> is mostly suppressed in the presence of texture. A set of in-plane shear bands are formed in the<br/> textured polycrystal at an angle of 45° to the tensile axis much like those observed experimentally.
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Другие авторы Balokhonov, Ruslan R.
9 (RLIN) 123090
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Другие авторы Emelianova, Evgeniya S.
9 (RLIN) 105822
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Другие авторы Pisarev, M.
9 (RLIN) 506142
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Другие авторы Dymnich, E.
9 (RLIN) 509937
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Другие авторы Romanova, Varvara A.
9 (RLIN) 123089
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Название источника Engineering failure analysis
Место и дата издания 2020
Прочая информация Vol. 110. P. 104437 (1-10)
ISSN 1350-6307
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