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A student perspective on the use of motivational strategies by their English-language literature instructors in an Omani University (Record no. 427133)

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Стандартный номер 10.17223/24109266/9/11
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Автор Al-Mahrooqi, Rahma
9 (RLIN) 477899
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Заглавие A student perspective on the use of motivational strategies by their English-language literature instructors in an Omani University
Ответственность R. Al-Mahrooqi, C. J. Denman, F. Al-Hasani
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Библиография Библиогр.: 29 назв.
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Аннотация Motivation has been recognized as one of the most influential factors in language learning. This study examines the frequency of use of motivational strategies by English-language literature instructors at the tertiary level in Oman as viewed by their students. A previous study [1] focused on teachers’ views of the frequency and importance of 48 motivational microstrategies, divided into 10 macrostrategies, in the Omani classroom. Findings indicate that teachers regarded all strategies as important while the degree of importance assigned to them correlated well with frequency of use. As that study involved only teacher participants, the current research utilized a modified version of its questionnaire to explore the frequency with which 65 Omani English-language literature learners believe these motivational strategies are employed by their instructors. Results suggest that participants believe their instructors often employ five of the featured macrostrategies. These include promoting self-confidence, creating a pleasant classroom environment, and making learning tasks engaging. However, the remaining five macrostrategies, such as promoting building group cohesiveness and familiarizing learners with L2 values, were rarely employed. These findings are compared to those from the previous study before a number of implications for motivating learners in Omani classrooms are offered.
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Другие авторы Denman, Christopher J.
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Другие авторы Al-Hasani, Faiza
9 (RLIN) 477901
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Название источника Language and culture
Место и дата издания 2017
Прочая информация № 9. С. P. 85-103
ISSN 2410-9266
Контрольный № источника to000565617
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